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Things to Do Around Granville Ohio

In addition to natural beauty, there are plenty of interesting things to do around…

admin December 10, 2020

5 Tips for Selling Your Home in Granville Ohio

Best Time To Sell A House Selling your home in Granville Ohio may sometimes...

admin December 10, 2020

Thinking of building your new home - Important Land buying questions

Searching for land to build a new home is exciting. However, buyers should be aware that purchasing raw land will require extensive due diligence. Do you know the right land buying questions to ask? Do you have the right help in making this purchase?

admin March 31, 2018

Real Estate Tax Secrets

Double-ended real estate deals aren’t the only dangerous menace lurking in the murky waters…

admin December 5, 2017

Relocating? Your Step by Step guide - Granville, Ohio

Relocating to a new city can be an overwhelming task. Ideally you’d take several trips to your new city to get to know the place and find out exactly where you want to live. Realistically..