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Reasons To Hire A Professional Real Estate Agent in Granville, OH

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Reasons To Hire A Professional Real Estate Agent

Many individuals have tried to go it alone when purchasing or selling a house, in hopes of saving some money on commission. Although this can initially be an appealing option, there are also plenty of reasons why it would pay off to partner with a licensed real estate agent. They will not only maximize the sales flow, link you easily with newly listed properties, and go to bat with you if deals go sideways, they also serve as an intermediary when working with buyers or sellers, mortgage lenders, attorneys, and home inspectors. A realtor will behave with your best interests in mind, working diligently to locate your perfect home or sell your property at the top of the dollar, above their fiduciary responsibility to you as a customer.

We have negotiation skills

It can be a difficult and emotional task to agree on a price with prospective buyers or sellers. Buyers without realtors would have to try to reach a sales price on their own while negotiating with FSBO-for sale by proprietor-land. Finding professional realtors would make for an easier negotiating phase on all sides of the deal. Realtors serve as messengers for parties and are able to express questions properly during the negotiating process without upsetting purchasers or sellers.

We have exposure

As a seller, you will be directed by a well-connected real estate agent during the selling process to ensure that your home is positioned in the best manner possible to receive the largest number of offers. A realtor can help plan your home for listing and open houses, set up a photographer for professional photographs plus virtual real estate tours, and ensure that as much publicity as possible is obtained from your home. You will be responsible for arranging and managing all ads when seeking to sell the property alone, and if not done correctly, it will result in fewer showings and lower deals.

We have knowledge

It may be a long and often frustrating journey to buy or sell a house. A real estate agent can walk with you through the whole transaction, from contracts to home inspections. They serve as a contract between you and the customer or seller, lawyer, mortgage broker, or bank agent. Navigating records, deals, counteroffers, and home assessments are only a couple of the forms in which a realtor can display their extensive amount of experience in the industry.

We do most of the work

On your front yard, a real estate agent is more than just a face on the “for sale” sign. During the buying or selling process, they easily switch through a variety of positions. Stager, marketer, negotiator-To complete the transaction or sale, a realtor can leap into whatever position possible.

Beyond closing the contract, for any post-deal problems that could occur, a realtor would also be available. Sorting out concerns after the fact can be frustrating and complicated when dealing with a seller or buyer directly. After the commission has been paid to resolve any matters that crop up after closing, a real estate agent may continue to work on your behalf.

Generally, the majority of parties who have opted not to use a real estate agent are sellers and they intend to save more money on commission. However, it is not always the case, according to the National Association of Realtors (NRA). Sellers who opted not to employ a realtor, on average, sold their homes for around 30 percent less than their peers who employed an agent. That can equal tens of thousands of dollars, depending on your selling price. It is easy to see that using a real estate agent pays off as opposed to the amount paid in the fee. Contact me today, I am your professional, trusted, and experienced Real Estate Agent.


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