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Thinking about buying a home in Stone Creek Estates Granville Ohio?

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Stone Creek Estates Granville Ohio

Thinking about buying a home in Stone Creek Estates Granville Ohio?

Stone Creek Estates Granville Ohio is a great choice to buy a home when you want to be located near a cultural zone. Granville Ohio is a place full of historical landmarks. The residents in the town even formed a historical society to better preserve all their history. Living at a place that prioritizes its history, you will be immersed in new cultural experiences. Here are some of the things you can look forward to having nearby as a resident in Stone Creek Estates Granville Ohio.

Having a historic location near you

Alligator Mound was a man-made mound that is in the shape of an animal. While it is named Alligator mound, scholars believe that it is more likely to represent a panther or another animal with a long body and tail. Made by the prehistoric Ohioans, it is a sight to see.

Granville is also home to the Denison Museum

Located in the Denison University, it is home to thousands of artifacts from all over the world. The museum is open to the public for lectures, tours and even displays artwork from Denison’s seniors at the end of the season.

Avery-Downer House and Robbins Hunter Museum

The Avery-Downer House and Robbins Hunter Museum are historical places as well. They feature antiques from the 18th and 19th century. The Avery-Downer House was actually Denison University’s Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity and the Kappa Sigma Fraternity home from 1900-1956 before Robbins Hunter, Jr. moved in and began the preservation process.

Denison University

Denison University is a great choice for students that are interested in the liberal arts. It is actually one of the first founded universities in the old Northwest territory. Located in the heart of a cultural zone, Denison University prides themselves in providing top quality education while still being affordable. Like we mentioned before, the Denison Museum is located within their campus. Here students can take advantage learning about all of the historic artifacts that are in exhibition without having to travel far away.

Denison Golf Course

If you are into golfing, you will be pleased to know that Denison Golf Course is nearby and waiting for you to tee off from. The Denison Golf Club is well known for being one of the best public golf courses in the Midwest. Bring your golf clubs and take a shot at the elevated greens and 63 sand bunkers placed throughout.


As you can see Stone Creek Estates Granville Ohio, is home to plenty of historical and cultural sites. Along with that, we have a top tier university available for your students, and an amazing golf course. But that’s not all you can expect when buying a home in Stone Creek Estates Granville Ohio. Discover more things to do after moving here. With years of experience, you can contact Aaron Graves and he will work with you to find the perfect home for you and your family in Stone Creek Estates Granville Ohio.

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